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My Top Five High End Makeup Brands

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Let me preface this list by saying that my definition of being a cruelty-free makeup brand includes being plant-based. I find it hard to consider a product that includes carmine, an ingredient used for pigment that is derived from pureed beetles, cruelty-free…but, that’s just me.

buy viagra canada online 5) Sugarpill-
Status: They do not test on animals. Not completely vegan but very vegan-friendly.

Boy, do I love Sugarpill. It is such a great company for any level of makeup user. I highly recommend checking out their YouTube channel, where they swatch all their new makeup. I think Sugarpill is especially amazing because in their swatching videos they always make sure to have a model with a lighter skin tone and a darker skin tone. The quality of their makeup is also just incredible. The only downside of Sugarpill is they aren’t completely plant-based. However, under their “shop” tab, they make it very easy to find their vegan products. Also, at the bottom of every page, they tell you if the product is vegan or not with this cute, little sign:sugarpill-vegan
Overall, Sugarpill just slays me, not only with their products, but also with their freaky, feminine vibes.
see url Recommendations: Pretty Poison Bundle (lipstick collection). Most of their pressed eyeshadows are also vegan and to die for. I especially love: Home Sweet Home, The Inventor, Wink, and Acidberry.

click 4) Kat Von D –
Status: They do not test on animals. Not completely vegan (yet), but very vegan-friendly.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Kat Von D. I’ll be the first to admit that Kat Von D has been my idol since L.A Ink. Then she started a makeup brand which was very animal-focused, and she became my idol all over again. Aside from the fact that money spent on her products goes to someone who deeply cares about animals, the makeup is killer. Surprised? I’m not. Just as Kat is a tattoo artist, she is a true artist with makeup. Although the brand is probably best known for the pure black Tattoo Liner in Trooper and the revolutionary Shade + Light Contour Palette, there is so much more. For all the vegan options they offer, check out the #veganalert tab. I really can’t say enough good things about Kat Von D and the brand that she represents.
Recommendations: The Fawn Set or Alchemist Holographic Palette, if you’re a little more adventurous with your makeup.

nolvadex cheap 3) Black Moon –
Status: They do not test on animals. Completely vegan.

This new, exciting brand is known for killer liquid lipsticks, but because they only launched in 2015, their line is not fully developed. That said, Black Moon undoubtedly represents the saying “quality over quantity”. Everything they’ve released is made with love and a passion for great makeup. The aesthetic of Black Moon is too much to handle. Everything comes with a cute space-related name, and they have fake eyelashes for every zodiac sign. How cute? Although I am not a fake lashes girl, I am seriously considering buying the Sagittarius lashes just to see.
Recommendations: Cosmic Eyedust in Cosmos and Asteroid. Liquid to Matte Lipsticks in Deranged and Dusk.

2) Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics –
Status: They do not test on animals. Completely vegan.

Undoubtedly, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics deserves the spot of number two. I have scoured the internet for bad reviews on Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, but there just aren’t that many and for good reason. Personally, I have loved every product I’ve tried, from their loose pigments to their lip tars. As much as I love O.C.C., however, I must warn you these are not for the faint of heart. I find that if you are a beginner to makeup, maybe this isn’t the brand that you should start with right away. All of that said, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is 100% plant-based and cruelty-free with an amazing range of options.
Recommendations: Lip Tars in Hush, Vintage, and Synth. Pair with Glitter & Loose Colour Trios in Deep Space and Bronze Age.  

1)Lime crime –
Status: They do not test on animals. Completely vegan.

Last but certainly not least, my number one pick: Lime Crime. For an all vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand, they have a crazy amount of selection, from their gorgeous eyeshadow palettes, such as the Venus original and the Venus 2, to their rich and vibrant hair dyes in any hair color you could imagine. Lime Crime is really a jack of all trades, and their whole brand is to die for. With their techno alien unicorn vibes, their products really inspire the colorful, holographic freak inside me.
Recommendations: Any of the Unicorn hair dyes, but currently I’m obsessed with Anime and Pony. The new Diamond Dews, which I just recently got my hands on, are breathtaking. Vision, Rose Goals, and Starlight are especially tear-worthy.

Honorable mentions:

  • Hourglass
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills – None of their products are tested on animals, but not all are vegan. Overall, ABH is great; they have very high-quality items. The highlighters and brow products are what dreams are made of. So, if you need a glow to make you look like an angel, you can’t go wrong with Anastasia Beverly Hills. On their website, check beneath “add to cart” where it will tell you if the product is vegan, using this sign:anastasia-beverly-hills-vegan
  • Milk – None of their products are tested on animals, but not all are vegan. Highly recommend their holographic sticks. Check beneath the “add to cart” where it will tell you if the product is vegan or not.
  • Ciaté – None of their products are tested on animals, but not all are vegan. Ciaté is queen when it comes to nails, but their makeup is also on the rise. Definitely a brand to watch out for. Check beneath the “add to cart” where it will tell you if the product is vegan or not.

Love these brands, or have other cruelty-free recommendations? Leave us a comment!

List of Things Vegans Love to Hear, and What I Want to Say in Response

sheep in grassy feild
  1. Do you get enough protein?
    Surprise! Plants are packed full of protein. too.
  2. What about vitamins? Where do you get all your vitamins?
    Most vitamins stem from a healthy amount of vegetables and fruit.
  3. Humans aren’t meant to be vegan.
    When have humans ever done what they were told. For example, we walked on the moon.
  4. Our ancestors ate meat.
    Our ancestors also didn’t have electricity or flushing toilets.
  5. You’re ruining Thanksgiving/Christmas/Passover/any holiday that involves eating food.
    That’s just hurtful. My intention is obviously not to ruin holidays, but I also don’t want explosive diarrhea from milk.
  6. Is that vegan? *Asking while pointing at food, drink, shoes, clothes, makeup, etc.*
    If I am drinking/wearing/eating it, then chances are it is.
  7. Are you like one of those crazy vegans?
    Um, I don’t really know how to answer this one. Am I crazy? Little bit, yeah. Is it a result of me being vegan? Nah, I did that all on my own.
  8. Plants have feelings.
    Just no.
  9. So, do you eat like dirt and stuff?
    Obviously, that’s a yes. Who doesn’t love a good, tasty clump of dirt?
  10. Are you doing it to lose weight?
    Nope, and even if I was, this is not a question you should ask someone.
  11. Do you think you are better than me?
    Truly, I don’t. If you are a friend of mine, you know that I don’t think I’m better than anyone else. Of course it would be nice if everyone was vegan, but that is not realistic for a lot of situations. I think one of the biggest stigmas associated with veganism is that we think we’re somehow superior, but this really shouldn’t be the case. If you’re vegan for the animals or environmental reasons, you should treat everyone with compassion, not just farm animals.