Justice For All

girl posing with turkey

viagra buy online ireland For the 45 million turkeys that are killed for a celebratory thanksgiving feast
and the 250 million more who are killed all year round

For the 11 million calves ripped away from their mothers at birth in the dairy industry
and raised in the same industry
or killed for veal meat

where can i get plavix cheap For the 280 million hens confined to a life in a cage
and the 260 million male chicks who are ground up alive

For the piglets who get their tails chopped off
and are killed for people’s breakfast,

I am sorry.
I am sorry that it takes so long for change to happen
and that humans do not like to admit that they are wrong.

I am sorry that I cannot make the world go vegan
because if I could, I would in an instant.

Until you can be free, I will do everything that I can
for justice does not just apply to humans
you deserve it, too.

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