harley quinn with her bunny rabit

Harley Quinn Smith

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buy Lyrica in uk Harley Quinn Smith is an actress and animal rights activist who resides in Los Angeles, California. Growing up, Harley had a profound love for elephants, which, at a very young age, sparked a desire to help the exploited species. Learning about the ivory trade and the inclusion of elephants in circuses and other inhumane acts was her first introduction into the world of animal rights. She would then, years later, adopt a rabbit named Cinnamon Bun, who came from a very bad hoarding situation, in which she ended up with a ripped ear and many stitches. Cinnamon was in such bad condition and was so frightened of all humans when Harley adopted her, but after being shown so much compassion by her new family, she recovered from her trauma and was able to live a normal life. After seeing the transformation of her rabbit, Harley was so inspired that she decided to go vegetarian and then later vegan. Harley is so excited to be able to work with Youth for the Voiceless, as she too is a young adult looking to make the world a better place for animals. In addition to acting and activism, Harley likes going to Disneyland, trying all the vegan nachos in LA, and writing scripts.