Our Mission

http://paulmcmann.com/phpmyadmin/index.php At Youth for the Voiceless, we believe in a new way of seeing young people and a fresh approach to youth animal activism. Though the words are often spoken with the very best intentions, we do not consider ourselves the “next wave of animal rights advocates”. We are not future activists, nor are we biding time before we speak up; we are here right now and are ready to be recognized as a powerful force in an intersectional movement to protect animals. We are bright, ambitious people with creative minds and open hearts. We possess a capacity for the critical thought and inventive problem-solving that will not only usher in kinder generations, it will secure a more compassionate, sustainable world for all of us here and now.

Using modern-day tools, we harness the energy and spirit of every small club that every ambitious young activist has ever launched, forging a global sense of community among youth advocates. We build an ever-growing network of change-makers who understand how connected we all are and who are prepared to educate others. We both discover and create new platforms by which other youth activists can share their stories, changing hearts first and then minds. We work closely with adult counterparts who support us, who believe in us, and who will amplify our voices. We will not wait for our value to be gauged by age. We will address ageism head-on by standing up for what is right today and empowering those to come.

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